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🌌 This solar system mobile is a great educational toy, perfect for babies and nurseries, toddlers as well as older kids who wish to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

💰 Great value for money:
1. it’s a solar system mobile for babies/kids’ room decor;
2. for older kids, unscrew the steel pins from the sun and planets and begin exploring the solar system model, or get nicely painted wooden balls.
3. Educational toys anyone? The sun and planets’ sizes are true to the cosmic objects (The Sun is a great wooden ball, 9 cm in diameter, Jupiter 7 cm, Saturn 6 cm, Uranus and Neptune 4.5 cm, Earth and Venus are 4 cm, while Mars and Mercury 3.5 cm). Wait, why is Uranus tilted over to 90 degrees on its axis?
4. Christmas is coming! Screw back the steel pins and get some original Christmas tree decorations

🌿The solar system mobile pieces are handmade from solid cherry wood and painted with certified water-based paint. We use a special kind of natural paint that penetrates the wood, instead of covering it, so that the wood fiber can be seen shining through. Please note that some colors may slightly differ from the photos. The strings are natural cotton as should all materials for Waldorf toys.


💧Cleaning method: Gently clean the toy using only a clean, moist cloth. Please, do not use disinfectants, hot water, or submerge the toys underwater.

📦 Packaging: Simple eco-cardboard boxes, perfect for transporting. We can gift wrap your toy and write a personal message, just tell us in the notes to seller box at check out. Please note that we use simple, brown wrapping paper (can be recycled 🙂

✈️ Delivery: We ship with DHL Worldwide Express. The delivery time in Europe is usually 3-4 business days, to the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong 5 business days, Australia and New Zealand 5 – 7 business days.

❗️ Recommended age 0+ months. Please tie the solar system securely and out of reach of small children.
The inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars) are rather small and should not be handed to children under 3 years old. Choking hazard! Remover the steel pins before handing over the wooden sun and planets to children

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