Pikler Triangle Set – 5 pcs set | Montessori Climbing Triangle

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Our Pikler triangle set consists of the following pieces:

● A Pikler Triangle or Montessori wooden climbing triangle
● A two-sided ramp with two different grip styles to choose from: steps or moons
● The Rocking Planks
● Three wooden balance beams
● Seven wooden balance rocks

Suppose you wonder what the benefits of using a Pikler triangle set are. In that case, you can note the following: gross motor development, proprioception, grasping, balance, and benefits associated with risky play.

What is the best age to introduce children to this set?
The Pikler triangle, the ramp, and the rocker can be introduced to one-year-olds, although some Montessori sites suggest even as early as six months.

The beams and rocks require more balance and coordination and can be played with by 3-year-olds. We encourage you to study your child and assess their abilities. Some children may be able to use them sooner, others at a later stage.

In short, the whole set is suitable for children 1 – 6 years old.

Is the Pikler triangle a safe toy for toddler climbing?
A Pikler triangle is as safe as any other toddler climbing toy on the market. But, of course, you’ll always want to supervise gross motor play with toddlers and babies, and adults should be close to the toy, so you may want to sit on the floor near your child while they play.

But the development of gross motor skills is essential in developing other cognitive and speech skills, and this toy set will encourage the child’s development.

The sizes are:
● The Pikler triangle is 86 cm tall, 52 cm wide, and the span is 84 cm; it weighs approx. 5 kg, and folds easily. You must push the legs inside and place the triangle in your preferred storage space. It is safe to use up to 60 kg.
● The two-sided ramp si 115 cm long by 30 cm wide. There’s a slide on one side, while on the other, you can choose your preferred grip style: steps or moons.
● The Rocking Planks is 75 cm long and 40 cm wide and tall.
● The three beams are each 80 cm long and 7 cm wide.
● The seven balance rocks are 19 cm long.


PROCESSING TIME: 3 working days. We’ll do our best to deliver on time.

💦 Cleaning method: Gently clean the toy using only a clean, moist cloth. Please, do not use disinfectants or hot water or submerge the toy underwater.

📦 Packaging: Simple eco-cardboard boxes, perfect for transporting and recycling. Other elements may include wrapping paper and shredded paper. We try to use as little plastic as possible. Please note that, due to the large box size, we cannot gift wrap it.

UNFORTUNATELY, due to expensive shipping conditions, we can only deliver to EU member states at this time.

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Additional information

Colors and grip style

Natural steps, Natural moons, Rainbow steps, Rainbow moons, Pastel steps, Pastel moons, Bubble Blue steps, Bubble Blue moons, Candy Pink steps, Candy Pink moons


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